Tv Led Packaging Boxes Fixing Services In Dubai Sharjah

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Tv Led Packaging Boxes Fixing Services In Dubai Sharjah

Why Is Proper Television Packing Important?

Unlike other pieces of home equipment, televisions sets require an extra level of care and attention when packing and moving. This entails the use of the right materials to protect it. This will ensure that your tv unit is transported safely into its new location.

Ideally, you’d want to pack your unit in its original packaging. However, not everyone holds on to their equipment’s cardboard boxes. And without proper packing, you may end up damaging a valuable investment.

Specialty TV moving boxes specifically designed for safe transport and mobility

  • Safe And Easy Transport Of Your Television
  • Able To Cater To Different Television Types
  • Professionally-Trained Movers And Packers
  • Personalized Moving Service

At Sentinel, we admonish each one of our clients to ensure their belonging are all around squeezed and guaranteed. Do whatever it takes not to keep down on the packaging, using awesome quality cocoa paper, strong 5-Ply High-Quality Packing boxes. Packaging bubble wrap and polystyrene chips to secure your things. We will help you to avoid a costly scratched table, a broken floor light or a split level screen TV.

Tv Led Packaging Boxes Fixing Services In Dubai Sharjah

Your belongings are imperative, so using awesome quality squeezing materials and Packing boxes suggests you won’t have to worry over your belonging. When they are ensured and secure in our storeroom.

The Best Possible Care

We assure you that during these unprecedented times, the health and safety of our staff and clients remain our top priority. We are working closely with the DHA for guidance on policies and procedures that enable us to maintain the safety of all our clients and our team.

As part of the resultant policies, our staff are practicing proper respiratory hygiene by wearing masks & gloves and keeping a regular check on their body temperatures.

To ensure complete safety, we are counting on your cooperation for our move supervisor to conduct a temperature check of all parties present on-site including yourself and any other vendors, prior to initiating the move.

Storage Boxes Dubai

Storage boxes now at your entryway step. Regardless of whether securing for the short or whole deal. You will be fulfilled you accepted a perfect open door to package your stock accurately, particularly, with respect to emptying them afresh.

Additionally, remember to name everything. When you come to recoup either a couple or most of your benefits. Exact checking will ensure that you will have the ability to discover precisely what you are scanning for, without opening and re-settling heaps of boxes. With clear, brief blemishes on all you’re transportation boxes you will save yourself hours of work and ensuring that the privilege boxes get passed on to the correct objective.

Moving Boxes

Buy Packing Boxes for your staff safely Move. High-Quality Moving Boxes with 5 ply thick and hard for long term use. Pack your stuff in the box and save.

Come to Sentinel, we have all that you require Is it accurate to say that you are leaving Dubai? Moving or moving your home? Moving into brief convenience, while your home is being re-enlivened or restored? Maybe you are moving to another office, or beginning another business.

Tv Led Packaging Boxes Fixing Services In Dubai Sharjah

Carton Box Suppliers

We are the leading manufacturers of Packaging Carton Boxes that include corrugated cardboard boxes, cartons and similar products. Carton boxes are mostly used by the packaging, shifting or moving companies. They are using this as a protection for the items of their customers especially for the fragile items.

If you are searching for Carton Box suppliers and manufacturers in Dubai, we are here to help. We provide carton box in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and all over UAE if you have any requirements to buy boxes online in Dubai. UAE Carton Boxes Suppliers and Manufacturers

The key features of our Carton Box are:

  • Boxes which are used for packaging Purposes like Moving Boxes.
  • Special boxes for Gifts or other special items.
  • Boxes which are used for specific items like TV, LED, Monitor, Computer,      Laptop etc.

If you have other inquiries, feel free to contact us as we also have friendly staff who can assist you with all your needs.

Packing Services Dubai – UAE

Are you looking out for some reliable moving service in Dubai, UAE? We at Etihad Movers Packers understand well that packing service is one of the most difficult parts of your house move. Our packing service saves both your time and efforts. We being the best packing service in Dubai and UAE will help you in packing everything in your house by taking special care of all your furniture and other things. Our team has the necessary experience for packing and equipped with the right set of tools for packing your valuable things. We ensure that packing and unpacking of all assets and belongings are safe with us.

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Full Packing Service

We have experienced packers and they will pack your belongings faster by taking special care of all your items. As one of the leading packing service provider in Dubai, UAE all of the services we offer are held to high standards in packing service.

Unpacking Service

Being the best packing service Dubai, UAE based, we serve a complete solution to all your home relocation related needs. Our unpacking services will help you in unpacking your luggage and fragile articles safely. With a wide range of needs in the process of packing service we give customized solutions based on the client requirement and our services are always made in a good service.

We Etihad Movers Packers offer the best packing service at Dubai and UAE

  • Household packing service/ Export packing.
  • Fine art packing service for valuables.
  • Wooden Crate Packing / Wooden Box Packing.
  • Industrial Packing.

TV Packing Unpacking Services in Dubai Sharjah

Just as time-consuming as packing your things is the unpacking that follows your relocation. Etihad Movers Packers is proud to offer top-quality unpacking solutions to customers moving to a new home, office, or commercial space. Depending on your service level, we will:

  • Bring all the things to your home
  • Leave all boxes on the flat surface of your house, or
  • Unpack all packages and place your items in the exact location of your choice.

Just as with our packing facilities, we can unpack all of your things, or just the particular boxes of your choice, giving you full control and flexibility during your move.

Specialty Item Packing

Specialty objects such as pianos, delicate antiques, and works of art pose significant challenges when it comes to packing. Etihad Movers Packers is here to assist with packing services for such one-of-a-kind items. Our packaging specialists are highly skilled in packaging products that need special care and improved safety methods.

Packing Supplies

For those interested in taking care of the packing and unpacking process on their own, Etihad Movers Packers provides a variety of packing supplies to aid in the moving process. We can supply boxes in small, medium, and large sizes. Additionally, specialized boxes such as china and wardrobe boxes are readily available.

Service Overview

Etihad Movers Packers offer packing and unpacking services that can be customized according to your requirements. We know that packing and unpacking items for shifting to a new location is a hectic and stressful task but don’t worry, we are here to solve your problems in this regard. We have included the packing or unpacking services as a part of full-service moving.

Our professional staff is careful about their job they are experts in packing or unpacking your fragile items with great care. We value your precious belongings. Professional Etihad Movers Packers will ensure that your items are packed efficiently and transported safely.

Full Packing Services

You don’t need to worry about packing the items we are careful regarding our job. We will send a team of expert movers and packers to your home who knows how to handle this task with great care. Of course, we will leave out any items you’ll need on the night before shifting and quickly pack those up on a moving day.

Partial Packing Services

We can also assist you in partial packing if you want to pack your items on your own and want our additional assistance. We can accommodate your packing needs. Perhaps you want us to tackle the packing of a large collection of items, or you just want assistance in the preparation of the storage areas for shifting. We are always happy to help you in any regard.

Unpacking Services

We know that moving is generally an exhausting experience, even if you hire experts to do the hard labor. If you would like some assistance in settling your new home with unpacking boxes, so we can undertake the entire job easily according to your wish regarding packing or unpacking.


Need to find movers and packers in Dubai! When it comes to moving from a home where you are living for decades, then things can be messy by all means. You will feel emotional because of the happy memories you have while living here and then realizing that you have too much to pack. Don’t panic because packing and unpacking services from Etihad Movers Packers are here for you. You will not have to worry any further when it comes to packing before moving because and you cannot rely on any ordinary local movers. The Etihad Movers Packers, movers and packers company is here to help you to pack your precious and expansive possessions so that they will be delivered to their destination without being damaged.


Etihad Movers Packers are the best local movers and Packers in Dubai that are trusted, budget-friendly yet professional packers and movers in Dubai. Being the best packing and moving company in Dubai, we understand the emotional attachment that a customer develops with the items. It can be their grandfather clock, a vintage piano, exotic furniture items, expansive and rare trophies as achievements or maybe some pricey piece of art. While moving from one location to another, it is essential only experienced movers and packers in Dubai should be called. Professionals who understand the value of the items and their workers are well trained to handle such pricey and precious possessions by packing them most appropriately so they will be delivered to their destination safe and sound. Get served from the professional movers and packers in Dubai.

  • Best Packing & Unpacking Services in Dubai
  • Services available in Dubai and surroundings
  • Get estimations first about time & Cost
  • Professional & Experienced Team
  • Dedicated project manager to each move
  • Quick customer support
  • 27/7 Availability.


The Etihad Movers Packers take pride in being the top-notch moving and packing company that knows how to pack the items according to the utmost safety level. You can choose us either for partial packing or complete packing of the stuff either from your residence or from any commercial location. Our experienced workers can pack each and everything with care so that you will not have to worry about your possessions for a single moment. With the Dubai movers and packers shifting company, your items will be packed in high-quality boxes so there won’t be any probability of damaging the goods.

One of the essential parts of moving is packing and unpacking your belongings. If you already have a busy routine then packing can be quite a hassle. So hiring professional packing and unpacking services can make this whole process stress free without any hassle. Hiring a Dubai movers and packers shifting company is one of the easiest ways when it comes to having a stress free moving experience. If your goal is to hire the moving and packing company that is worth every penny you are going to spend then Etihad Movers Packers is the answer.


If you think that it is better to call some other packing company and pay extra, then you are making a huge mistake. If you believe that local cheap movers and packers in Dubai cannot handle the packing task for your relocation, then you haven’t contacted the Etihad Movers Packers. We are a local movers packers company providing the most satisfactory packing service for all commercial and residential moving. We aren’t just proving packing service for local relocation but our best packing and moving services Dubai is available for international relocation as well.

We being the professional movers and packers assure you that you are going to get quality service as our experienced mover can help you in hassle-free moving as they can handle any sort of packing according to your requirements even for your international relocation. Our skilful packing and moving company Dubai can take care of fragile and precious crockery, antique decor items to heavy furniture and home appliances. So you will not have to worry about any damage to your belongings while house shifting in Dubai.

Dubai is the home for several professional moving companies but it is important to hire only packing and moving company Dubai that can provide you with the best packing and unpacking services. So contacting Etihad Movers Packers will let you have the best moving experience in the United Arab Emirates. Since we are a professional moving and packing company so you can call us for domestic and office moving or international moving to get skilful packing and unpacking services.

Sounds tempting! all you need to do is to call us right now if you are looking for an affordable Dubai movers and packers shifting company. We are here to provide you with a packing and moving facility like no others. Just give us a call and sit back, relax and enjoy the relocation process. Get served from the leading movers and packers in Dubai.